At 12 October 1899 the Boers Commandeered Begbie’s Foundry for armaments production. On 24 April 1900 a massive explosion in the munitions store destroyed part of the foundry and houses nearby. Sabotage was suspected. Full production was resumed before the British occupation five weeks later.

Smit Street

Gandhi Square


Near this point on Government Square, in front of the Court House, on 31 May 1900 Field Marshal Roberts accepted the surrender of Johannesburg from the S.A.R. Commandant, Dr F.E.T. Krause. The Boers had been allowed 24 hours to evacuate the town provided the left the mines intact.

Wits University Gates Enoch Soutry


On 6 October 1899, 7000 Zulu workers, mainly men, left this site (the Showgrounds) where they had gathered the night before, to walk to their homes in Zululand and Natal.

80 Albert Street, Johannesburg


The Central Pass Office was an infamous checkpoint of the influx control system under apartheid. The “Dompas” which controlled the movement of African people was issued here. Denied a place in the city, many were ordered to leave Johannesburg. This building opened in  1944 as the Non-European Affairs Department and was greatly enlarged in the 1960s. Converted into a womens’ hostel in 1994, it was re-named the Usindiso Womens’ Shelter.

80 Albert Street, Johannesburg


On 31 May 1900 the South Australian Mounted Rifles took the surrender of The Fort. The first to enter were Sgt-Maj. J.R. Read and Cpl. H.H “Breaker” Morant. Thereafter it was garrisoned by the Cheshire Regiment which retained the captured Z.A.R. flag, the “Vierkleur”, amongst its trophies.


Commissioned November 1896. The Jameson Raid led the South African Republic (Z.A.R.) Executive to instruct Cmdt. A.F. Schiel to construct a fort around part of the existing gaol. Designed to control the town, railways and mines, the fort had two bastions for long-range guns linked by earth rampage. Convict labour excavated and loaded rock and soil from the northern slopes.

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